The following information on Northern Territory education is the most recent available. It was last updated on Thursday, 10 February 2005. To seek more detail, contact the agencies listed in "Where to get More Information".

Standards and Benchmarking

What does your state/territory understand by the terms standards and benchmarking?
How are standards and benchmarks currently applied in your state/territory? (current practice)
Briefly outline the work being done in the area of standards and benchmarking in your state/territory.

Middle Years of Schooling (Years 5-8)

How does your state/territory define the 'middle years'?
What initiatives/programs are currently being implemented in the 'middle years' in your state or territory?
What are some of the current issues being addressed in your state/territory?

Reporting at the End of the Compulsory Years

What is the purpose of internal (ie by schools) reporting in the compulsory years in your state/territory?
What is the purpose of external (ie by systems/Board/Council) if any reporting in the compulsory years in your state/territory?
What information is currently reported externally?
How is the information reported?
What agency is responsible for external reporting?

Where to get more information

A list of places you can go to find more further information

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