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Students transferring schools between states during Year 11 and Year 12

What should students do for transferring interstate between schools during Year 11 and Year 12

Before transferring interstate students should obtain from their school copies of their reports, transcripts or other evidence of their attainments and details of the courses studied at that school.

When enrolling at the new school the parent and student may initiate the Interstate Student Data Transfer Note (ISDTN) process.  For further information see

Students transferring schools during Year 11 will have their attainments recognised by the receiving school in all similar subjects based on the assessment details provided by the previous school according to the policies and guidelines of the Board of Studies in the receiving state.  Where there are no similar subjects, status will be granted or an amended assessment program will be provided by the new school.

At the end of Year 11 students transferring from one state to another will receive credit for studies completed.  If requirements have been met in the home state, then this will be recognised in the receiving state.

Students transferring during Year 12 will receive credit for work completed, and will need to satisfy the assessment requirements of the receiving state in order to receive the senior secondary certificate of that state.

Most states have certificate completion requirements.  Arrangements and agreements for recognition are negotiated on a case-by-case basis between Boards of Studies to enable students to complete requirements in the new state.  A request for the school to contact the Board of Studies in the new state should be made as soon as possible to facilitate this negotiation.  Details for each state/territory are available at

Where students have completed courses or studies in one state when they transfer they will need to inquire from the state Universities Admissions Centre or the state Board of Studies as to how university entrance requirements will be met using combined results.

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