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Tertiary entrance information

What are the minimum subject requirements for tertiary entrance in New Zealand?

As outlined in the Assessment and Certification Rules and Procedures for Secondary Schools for 2004:

From 2004, students will be qualified for entrance to a university in New Zealand if they have obtained:

Credits can be accumulated over more than one year. Where a unit standard and an achievement standard assess the same learning outcome they are mutually exclusive for the NCEA qualifications and university entrance purposes.

To qualify for university entrance, achievement must be from NQF credits, either from achievement standards or from unit standards.

The Board of the Qualifications Authority has approved the list of approved subjects for university entrance.

Achievement from subjects that are not in the 'approved subjects' list can be used for university entrance purposes, provided that 14 credits come from no more than two domains.

The following table lists each 'approved subject' for university entrance.

Approved Subjects

Accounting Japanese
Agriculture & Horticulture Korean
Biology Latin
Chemistry Mathematics with Calculus
Chinese Statistics and Modelling
Classical Studies Media Studies
Computing Music Studies
Cook Islands Maori Painting (Practical Art)
Design (Practical Art) Photography (Practical Art)
Drama Physical Education
Economics Physics
English Printmaking (Practical Art)
French Samoan
Geography Science
German Sculpture (Practical Art)
Graphics Spanish
History Social Studies
History of Art Te Reo Rangatira or Te Reo Maori

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