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Tertiary entrance information

What are the minimum subject requirements for tertiary entrance in South Australia?

In 2012, to satisfy the minimum requirements for entry to a university course in South Australia, a student must:

Tertiary admission points are calculated for most Stage 2 subjects. The tertiary admission points for a student’s best three full-year Stage 2 subjects, plus the best outcome from the flexible option, are used to calculate the university aggregate, which is converted into the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR).

The minimum entry requirements for TAFE courses are varied. For some courses, the TAFE selection score is used as one of the selection criteria. To get a TAFE selection score, a student must qualify for the SACE, and have completed 60 credits of TAS subjects, or 50 credits of TAS subjects and 20 credits of Recognised Studies.

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