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Subjects and courses

What categories of subjects/courses are available for study in the senior secondary school credentialing program in Victoria?

There are two qualifications available for Victorian senior secondary school students – the VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) and the VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning).


Students undertake studies made up of semester units. Generally, Units 1 and 2 are undertaken at Year 11; units 3 and 4 are undertaken at Year 12 as a sequence over one year. At least three units from the English group, with one at Unit 3 or 4 level, are compulsory for graduation with the VCE.

The English group is comprised of:
English/ESL 1 – 4
Literature 1 – 4
English Language 1 – 4
Foundation English 1 – 2

VCE VET units contribute to the satisfactory completion of the VCE, and VCE VET units at Units 3 and 4 level contribute to the Equivalent National Tertiary Entrance Rank (ENTER).

There are over 90 VCE studies (including 46 LOTEs) and 28 VCE VET programs that students can select from to make up the desired VCE student program.


The VCAL certificate is awarded at 3 levels

The three qualification levels provide flexible entry and exit points for a range of student abilities and interests and offer a clear progression for skills, knowledge and attitudinal development.

At Foundation level, knowledge and employability skills development is supported by a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy skills and preparatory learning, and may include:

At Intermediate level, knowledge and employability skills development leads to independent learning, confidence and a high level of transferable skills, and may include:

At Senior level, knowledge and employability skills development leads to a high level of interpersonal skills, independent action and achievement of tasks that require decision making and leadership, and may include:

Students are awarded a VCAL certificate on successful completion of a minimum of 10 credits delivered as:

VCAL learning programs are comprised of studies in 4 curriculum strands.

Student VCAL learning programs must include enrolment in curriculum that can lead to the award of a minimum of ten credits comprised of:

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