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Tertiary entrance information

To gain entrance to any particular university faculty students must satisfy three requirements, by completing:

What are the minimum subject requirements for tertiary entrance in Victoria?


The satisfactory completion of the VCE including English Units 3 and 4 (chosen from English, English as a Second Language, Literature or English Language) is the minimum entrance requirement for all tertiary institutions. Units 3 and 4 of English (any) must be a completed as a sequence and in the same calendar year.

Applicants who have not met the minimum entrance requirements for a course must refer to each individual institution to see whether they are eligible to apply under a special entry scheme.


The VCAL aims to provide the skills, knowledge and attitudes to enable students to make informed choices of pathways to work and to further learning. Personal development, the utilisation of a student’s particular interests, and new pathways for senior secondary students, in the context of applied learning, are underpinning principles of the VCAL. VCAL is not designed as a pathway to higher education. Individual universities and TAFEs may recognise VCAL for entry to some courses; applicants should contact the institution to enquire about recognition of VCAL for entry purposes.

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